Product range
Our product range consists of almost all fish available worldwide. However, our exports are focused on fish from the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Think about; Turbot, Halibut, Dover Sole, Line Caught Sea Bass, Mussels, Monkfish, Plaice, Langoustines, Scallops, Oysters and European Lobster.

Selection at the source
Our people have built relationships with different fishermen to bring in their last catch: the fish that is caught last before it enters port. Best Fish buys the fish directly from the various auctions in the Netherlands. The fish is then transported directly to our centrally located building, after which it is immediately sorted, processed and packed.

Quality control
Our quality control is very strict. All incoming fish are double checked. In addition, the stock and processing units are continuously monitored by advanced temperature control systems. Quality is monitored throughout the entire process. For export outside Europe, all shipments are inspected by the Dutch Veterinary Authority (NVWA).

While most chefs prefer to receive the whole fish, Best Fish has the facilities and a dedicated team of filleting professionals to create tailor-made fillets or portions (and other special requests) for our customers.

The fish is placed on ice and packed in polystyrene air freight boxes. The slowly melting ice guarantees a constant temperature of 0°C (32°F.), The perfect temperature to keep the fish fresh. Furthermore, a special water-absorbing sheet (diaper) in the bottom of the boxes keeps the melt water away from the fish. The fish is thus constantly surrounded by clean ice.

High Speed ​​Logistics:
* Best Fish has day and night shifts in production.
* Best Fish has its own fleet of refrigerated and freezer trucks.
* Located within 30 minutes of Schiphol International Airport.
For example, fish caught on Friday, shipped on Saturday can be served Sunday evening in Dubai.

Competitive prices
* Best Fish buys the fish from the source and we ship it ourselves
* Best Fish monitors efficiency in the total process
* Best Fish allows you to take advantage of our special air freight rates, also for small shipments.

Direct communication is imperative to avoid delays in the delicate process of shipping fresh fish.

We are happy to help you:
* answer quickly to any question you may have
* offer you weekly price updates
* provide all necessary export documents
* send you the electronic copy in advance
* keep you informed of the status of your shipment.